Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

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Buildings traditionally are static inanimate objects that consumes energy. This is not sustainable. If we want to preserve our planet for generations to come we need to shift our perception of architecture. We need to start viewing it as something that Breathes. Moves. Talks. And grows with its surroundings. The most successful architecture is one that engages in an open dialogue with the natural environment.  Johannesburg based architect Nick Plewman does this very skilfully.

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda is a fantastic example of this. The lodge consists of 6 high end luxury forest villas and a main area which consists of the reception, restaurant and lounge. Built within the eroded cone of a small extinct volcano the pods are constructed with local materials like elephant grass and bamboo.

The architecture of Bisate has been carefully considered within the context it sits. Each villa is a pod that perches delicately amongst the treetop canopy mirroring the indigenous weaver birds nests that are common to the area.


The lodge has a strong very strong focus on community sustainability and conservation acting as a Catalyst for the regeneration of the local surroundings.

Water for the lodge is pumped from the mountains and filtered on site. A reverse osmosis filtration & water purification system is in place for drinking water. Guests are offered reusable drinking bottles so as to reduce the wastage of plastic water bottles. Rainwater is collected and filtered, then used as grey water for the toilets and showers, to conserve the amount of water used at the lodge.


The Bisate site part of a reforestation project to regenerate the area with indigenous plants, which will eventually attract local wildlife and birds.


Other interesting projects by Nicholas Plewman Architects are
The Waterberg House – described on the website as a “Private residence in the Waterberg region for a Parisian based family wanting an ‘African Escape’

And  Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge – 24 Bed luxury rebuild of Sandibe Safari Lodge

Images credits Nicholas Plewman Architects


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